Scrimshaw Sentinel

Large undead (green dragon), lawful evil

The grimmest use for the corpse of a slain dragon is to construct a powerful undead guardian out of its very bones. The preparation process is arduous, requiring cleaning the bones and then scribing one thousand and one draconic runes on the dragon skeleton. The raising ritual is rumored to be costlier than making the stoutest golem, in both coin and components. Aside from the fact that the well-guarded magical rites must be spoken in three languages simultaneously, one off utterance ruins the entire process wholly. These may be just a few reasons why every slaughtered dragon is not turned into one of these deadly guard creatures.

Scrimshaw Sentinel Template
This template is useable on any true dragon that does not already possess a template to transform it into a scrimshaw sentinel. Unless noted, the statistics and abilities of the base dragon are retained after the template has been added.

Scrimshaw Sentinel
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