Instant Encounters: The Blade of Love and Fury

We give you a ready-made encounter to insert into your 5E game. You add the adventure!

This encounter is intended for 1st or 2nd Tier play

Encounter Scenario: A fabled weapon; The Blade of Love & Fury awaits a worthy wielder to claim it. It has different powers determined by the wielder’s alignment so the powers it possesses hinges greatly upon the heart of the one who claims it. In the encounter the PCs and a group of less than goodly, hardscrabble, halfling bandits find their way into an isolated forest glade. The stone circle, the sword, and its sheathing stone lay at the center of. It is plain for any to see that the ornate sword is valuable and a prize worth fighting for. And that is exactly what happens between the PCs and the halfling bandits: winner gets the sword.

Instant Encounters Blade of Love and Fury
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