As in all things, there are bound to be a few misadventures. We’ve made corrections below so you can continue forging ahead!

Missing Goblin Chief Stat Block

April Issue #8

In the April issue, Forest of Delusion, there is no way to get choice 26

Under passage 2 the following should have read: Figure out the box combination, then go to 26.

January Issue #5

In the January edition, on page 16, the text should read:
An Intelligence (Investigation) DC10 made at disadvantage, shows the cart was ripped asunder by massive claws. An Intelligence (History) DC15 or Intelligence (Arcana) DC10 shows it was ripped part by a large size dragon. A Wisdom (Survival) DC15 reveals the cart was destroyed at least two weeks prior. An Intelligence (Investigation) DC20 of the area around the shattered cart reveals the below listed items buried in the snow. Vicious Warhammer +2 (see Vicious Weapon in core rulebooks)

October Issue #2

Official Adventure Scaling

This adventure is designed for a group of four to five 4th-6th level characters, though it is modifiable for a lower level group of level 1st-3rd. Scale by limiting the numbers of Hill Giant Skeletons to only one, only two Rust Plate Ogre Skeletons and only half as many hit points (round up) for all the undead involved. For a higher level party levels 7th-9th; replace all the Aged Skeletons with Orc Skeletons. In addition, maximize the number of undead spawned in every location.

Missing Stat Blocks

November Issue #3 Questions

Question: Where should the paintings that you attack be placed?

Put one on the wall at the hall corner of area 3/area 4. Put the other at the hall corner of area 3/ area 5, both just out of the hall effects of area 4 and area 5. Both will attack ASAP without the CHA check (as listed shoot first ask questions after).

Area Number Fixes

  • Page 13, near the end of area 1’s description, the doors should lead to area 3, not area 4.
  • Page 18, If Malice wins the battle in area 6 against Brune, Malice will join the fight in area 11, not area 16.
  • Page 23 in the last paragraph before the Threats, area 16 should be area 11 or area 7.
Oops Rolled and Told Group

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